Welcome to KEST 1450 AM!

We are the Multicultural Radio station of the San Francisco Bay Area. KEST is as diverse as the community it serves. Our programs include:

  • Over 100 hours per week of Cantonese and Mandarin programs featuring news, talk, information and variety.
  • Personal Growth (English) programs during the weekday mornings and weekends.
  • The longest running South Asian programs in the bay area.

KEST encompasses six bay area counties and many cities including San Francisco, Santa Clara, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo and Union City to name a few.

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KEST is owned and operated by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting, the largest group of Asian and ethnic radio stations in the U.S. today. With an emphasis on news/talk/entertainment/current affairs KEST AM 1450 has provided relevant information to niche markets for over 25 years.

If your organization would like to be part of our recruitment source list, please contact the station at 415 978-5378.

MRBI is a an Equal Opportunity Employer

To view our Public Inspection File please visit this link: https://publicfiles.fcc.gov/

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